muah muah muah muah untuk my biyy saja (:

Saturday, 2 July 2011


♥ ♥ ♥ one by one go . first the pink gerl , second the curly hair and third :) AMIRAHFARZANAABUBAKAR . it was me dear :( so sad . but we all pegy cause want to continue our further stdying . love them very much . no one people can seperate us . cause we have promised to not break our relationships :) our siblings happy forever . we love each other . to my sayang . kakak2 adek nie , cepat2 laa pulang . we will be hang together , kali nie jauh sked laa , p lebih jauh sked dari melaka okay ? HAHA . love you so much laa . sangat sayang korang . tengs faham adek :) korang akak2 + abang2 terbaik untuk adek :) adik takkan lupakan korang untuk selamanya . korng will be in my heart . so conclusion . no one can change what am we do okay sayang ! many stories of us rite ? from our first date till now . apa yang jadi antara kita berenam akan jadi sejarah bt kita sayang . i'll never let you guys cry b'cause of me :) because you'r mine :) HEEE . gamab kenangan nie mase iqa balek BATUPAHAT . in pea's car :)